About Fine Art Sélection

After tried to create pictorial and exposing and got some prices, our experts have coasted for more than 20 years the greatest masters working in France.

They had stopped going closer to the culture of excellence , seeking to unravel the sercrets workshops , trying to understand how to shape the talent.

This visceral need to vibrate and then share these experiences led them to organize large-scale exhibitions to inform as many emotion produced by the contemplation of such works.

In fact, every artist , craftsman and foremost , reveals his sensitivity to the world in expressing its vision of an era in its history.

Today in contact with many collectors , they offer you to assist you in creating or changing your collection, mirror your own sensitivity.
A collection is primarily a reflection of personality , or for each work , mingle admiration and requirement to the artist.
His paintings are the driver of a freedom and a will that drives a larger scale , a general interest thread.

The art market is one of the few places where faith is the law.

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